So This is Fall

She walks
Step quick
Clad in her autumn’s best
burgundy turtleneck sweter
Blue scarf
Crean chrocheted hat
with holes
don’t want to over do too soon
Navy wool pants
She walks
Through the morning streets
clad for the season
if not the weather
not fall
nothing falls
In central Texas
74 degrees shows
on the digital read
just past
her “it’s chilly” gate
the sights
the smells and taste
of autumn
where autumn never truly comes.

Desperately Seeking

To whom it may concern
I am desperate
desperately seeking
The girl I used to be
The one who dreamed
The one who loves pineapple and ham
on Pizza
Who loves to sit
for a whole hour
by the lake
enjoying a cup of coffee
in the quiet
who longs to spend just ten minutes
all alone
the girl who writes
for the pure simple joy
of writing
who doesn’t give two shits
that it isn’t your kind of writing
it’s mine
It doesn’t have to rhyme
it has to touch
my soul
and if there is
anything good in my heart
it will touch
just one more
The girl
who loves to color
who sings
WAY off-key
because the song
can’t be contained
The girl
who watches people
and listens to music
sitting quietly
because that is what feels right
who can sit
on a river bank
or sit
on the beach
for more than fifteen minutes
without having to
I am desperately seeking



Everyone drives
by the wild and wonderful
colorful and simple
Speeding through their day
from place to place
from face to face
never taking time
to see
the interesting

Works of art
living or not
flat and glossy
painted and decorated

But the weeds
Simple stunning weeds
flawed and ignored
sing to my heart
bring interest to
the world
set the day apart
light my way
with true
lasting beauty
the beauty that stays
forever in your dreams

My Path

This is my path
Some places it is weedy and
The going is rough
and the way is hard to see
but that just means
my footsteps are my own
and the way through
is frought with lessons

This is my path
It is sandy in places
Where the ocean touches the shore
and the peace seeps in
Through the rocky waves
And the places that the water has touched
touches the places
my feet have traveled.

This is my path
Rocks and grass
Dirt and dreams
Every step
a step in the right direction
my path
is my path
and its way through
is the only way to go

This is my path
and if I’m lucky
It will touch
the paths of
amazing places
and interesting people
People who teach me
People who reach me
People who touch me
lessons I will treasure
for all of my days

Copyright April Wells