Night Music

In the darkness she comes
through the open windows she climbs
or through the screen porch door
to wrap her arms gently around
and sing the song of not quite silence
the song of the night
the quite whisper
of the wind in the leaves
the crickets and cicadas
crying in the summer’s end
the hum of the neighbor’s heat pump
are they really missing
the beauty of the song
deep blue taffeta
drapes itself
for the dance that can only really come
with the night music


The night holds tightly
To her secrets
She sits watch
Over all that is darkness
All of the quiet shame
That no daylight ought to see
She wraps her arms
The cat and the crook alike
Moon shadow to moon shadow
Her enveloping embrace
Whisper her the secrets
Love, lies, unreasonable desires
And know that
With encroaching dawn
With her covetous bounty
Will steal away
Her secrets
Safe within


Green is as sharp and bitter
as the taste
And crunch
of a stink bug
Buried deep in the smooth
Of warm fresh blackberries
Covered in the crunch
Of Kelly Road dirt
It smells faintly
Of Queen Anne’s Lace
Skinned knees
And horse shit
It is as cold
As the stones
In the bottom of the spring
As hot and sweet
as the mows of hay
As unbelievably loud
As the spring
In Hamilton’s woods
And as silent
As the peepy frogs
In the pond
Below Helen’s


Inch by imperceptible inch
It eats away
At the night
Pushing back the quiet
The peace
The solicitude
The flights of fancy
REM sleep
Replacing it with
The stark
Of the day ahead
Glory in the breaking dawn
Capture it
Bottle it
To uncork
And savor
When the day gets long

Shades of Gray

Predawn color pallet
Gray on gray on black
with randomly scattered
splashes of bright white life

Mossy gray green trees
dance against the pale gray and yellow gray
houses and office buildings
Black streets with paler black sidewalk edgings
Enshroud dark gray lumps of humanity
sleeping in doorways

light black leaps from nowhere
to scuttle across the street

deep shiny black
reflecting the gray of impending dawn
runs rivulets beneath my bridged feet

light gray creeps
from the corners of the sky
to overtake the midnight blue black night

of gray
of gray
to the tune
of black
and random white

colors begin
and the beautiful play
of gray on gray
eases into the rainbow
of morning