Clandestine Writing21 days they say
starting a new habit
this is the way
Watch the calendar
day by every single day
Tick… tick… tick…
keep the cobwebs at bay
OctPoWriMo in hours ends
NoPoWriMo plans I lay
The habit it growing
THIS I am knowing
30 more days?
I just may…


My Knuckle Bump HandSnippets heard
and overheard
as the world turns round and round
yes, arthritis in my ankles
my tendinitis screams at me
these aches and pains
are killing me
it must be getting old
thank God it’s not RA

Jean was told she would need
her hip replaced in may
Bob just heard
the scary word
the bump he found was tumor benign
surgery went fine,
we have dinner at nine
Ethel heard that Gladys know
a friend of a friend has gout
so many people
so much is wrong
but at least it’s not RA

The things you hear
from those far and near
words plaintive with fear
as the path you walk, dear,
you walk with the knowing
As they whisper and fuss
you do what you must
to deal with your RA

Swiss Cheese

Fear chews holes
in your brain
and heart
caverns connect
in the labyrinth
you get lost
in the
where lives
the half light
not quite darkness
where everything
like sour
mud from swamps
it rots

Coffee Cups

memoriesCoffee cups, glasses, mugs
sit everywhere
and hold
myriad of things
change, pencils, crayons, jewelry,
hooks, needles and pins
you see the things
you see the cups
how can you not see
the memories
that cling to every surface
where they came from
tastes they held
the day they were bought
hearts that chose each
with thoughts and love
treasured beyond the cost
a glance
simple touch
each in turn
brings a smile
the memories that stick
to ordinary things
always in my mind


crowd the brain
each struggling for elbow room
all demanding equal time
the effect
gagging screams
that never cease
in the silence
how can you not hear
the torrent
of  word sneezes
that demand to be heard
are only
within the mind



Beauty, they say
It’s all in the eyes
of the seer
the one who beholds
but more than the eyes
the mind
What you see
what you chose
in the moment
to perceive


The picture
the object
the moment in time
is it what you see
or who you are
the impact
on your today

See gently
choose wisely


IMG_0822Do you remember
the songs of yesterday
running through your head
your heart
as lightly
your feet skimmed the earth

streams beside the pup-tent
sang through the night
chilling the milk
in the jug tied fast to the rocks
for breakfast
and the taste of that milk in the morning

hours spend raking, hiss of drying leaves
piles and piles
of red and gold and orange and brown
whose only purpose was
not the cleanest yard in town
but the run down the bank
and the leap into the center

canter thump of horse feet
as around and around the pasture
again and again and again
freedom of bareback
smelling of hay and sweat
yours, the horse’s
laughter as the day let go

spinning in the starlight
crickets and fireflies
darkness and light
spinning and spinning
until, dizzy
you fell
to the dew wet ground
staring at the starlight
the moon your dance’s spotlight

Remember the music
remember the song
remember the feeling
return to that place
where the song
was all yours