Morning Matters

Morning Matters
Silence that’s almost
but not quite
that wraps the heart
in calm surrender
to the coming day
Solitude of the rush
and tumble of the commute
coffee cold, but not quite
overnight in the garage in the truck
coffee is coffee
dawn reflects badly
in the tar and asphalt
of the inner city morning
join the fray
become the flotsam and jetsam
that is the work-a-day world
and through it all
keep with you
the solitude and silence
that reminds you
morning matters

Call of the sea

I close my eyes
i listen
to the distant call
to my soul
of the sea
the pull of the tides
tug of the waves
to thetu of thewaves
and the sigh
of the sea
kissing sand
i close my eyes
despite my life
the bright lights
cacophoonic din
i close my eyes
open my heart
i take a deep cool
dead fish salty spray leaden breath
of peace
empty soaring joy
that i only can find
touching the call
of the sea
if only even
with my mind


From the hearts of the innocent
The minds of the babes
And the talent that lies
in the souls of the young
come the thought rocks
that pave
the way to tomorrow
that line the days
and fill the dreams
Why can’t we make them come true


Raffi sings of
One light one sun
but bigger and broader
We are one people
one world

No matter where
You call your home
when your family hurts
you feel the pain
when you are sick
you ache
when guns are at your door
you fear

Why can’t
the great powerful they
that we are one
that I am more
like you
no matter where you are
than all the differences
in all of the politics
in all the world

Can’t peace
be as simple
as a cup of tea?