Where I Walk

I walk the halls

haunted by

the echoing footfalls

of many famous men

I walk the halls

head held high

where few women before

ever dared

to venture

I walk the halls

come walk with me

talk with me

share with me the adventure

I walk the halls

these sacred halls

walk here with pride

not fear

I walk the halls

and no man yet

has chased me from my wandering

the sound of their wisdom echo as

I walk the halls

and think the thoughts

that women before me

could only dream


<< the contest prompt in AllPoetry was feminism>>

The Look

I’ve never cared
who you are
or who you love
as long as I can
call you my friend
I understood
Stood up for my friends
for what matters
just because it matters
I understood

The day came
when I heard the words
that other parents
Mom I’m gay
I heard the stories
first hand
I was read the news
first hand
Threats became real
hearing that he had tried
to join the ranks of
bullied to death

Then came the day
when I was talking
to friends
people I see every day
people who tell me
their problems
the bad
the good
the just talking
we share
The day came when
I shared
I met my son’s boyfriend
they are so alike
wonderful to see
I shared
and I saw

The look
The one that says
I saw the look
directed at me
through me
at you
and the pain
like a physical slap
across my face
drew breath
and now
I not only understand
but a mother called
to protect the young
now I am involved