Watching Them Grow

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With awe and wonder
I watch them grow
such a short time ago
stumbling… falling… getting up again
bumps and bruises and skinned up knees
young and innocent and happy
and they grew
dirty sweaty children
they became
as children often do
running and giggling
stumbling… falling… getting up again
broken bones and stitches
tears clean off the dirt
and they grew
the teenagers they became
little rebellion
but anger and frustration
at the injustice of it all
stumbling… falling… getting up again
the tears the fears and the pain
theirs… mine…
the unforgetable years
carved forever in my heart
and they grew
I watch them now
covertly from a distance
wanting to protect them
catch them when they fall
and yet in the fall is the learning
stumbling… falling… getting up again…
and I can’t
but with pride
and with wonder
I watch
the beauty of the unfolding adults
they are becoming
… and they grow…

Where I Walk

I walk the halls

haunted by

the echoing footfalls

of many famous men

I walk the halls

head held high

where few women before

ever dared

to venture

I walk the halls

come walk with me

talk with me

share with me the adventure

I walk the halls

these sacred halls

walk here with pride

not fear

I walk the halls

and no man yet

has chased me from my wandering

the sound of their wisdom echo as

I walk the halls

and think the thoughts

that women before me

could only dream


<< the contest prompt in AllPoetry was feminism>>


Pride struts out
head held high
Pop of hips
Shoulders squared
White blazer and skinny jeans
Four inch red heels
Sixty something
dressed to the teeth
Unable to serve
Misdemeanor theft
bad checks
with a smile
six dollars for your trouble
you are excused