Looking Glass

Twisting and turning


Through space

Through time

When is a dream

Not a dream

When it’s the reality

Of ice cold

Glass shards

Lying on the floor

No more Alice

Behind the looking glass

The looking glass

Is no more

Falling and Failing

Falling and failing

Tumbling and flailing

Into the silence

Into the darkness

Into nothingness

I close my eyes and I see

Nightmares chasing dreams

Lightning striking

The peaceful glassy calm

Of the mirror

Reflecting me

Shattering it into

Shards and slivers

That stab through the silence

And brings with it



Shut away here
in the darkness
in the silence
in the early morning lateness
staring into
the inside of
the blanket
my eyelids
the dreams
that chase through my
awakeness dreams
hour after hour
chimes the clock
music on every thirty
even the dog
finds happy dreams