to dance
in the bright blue light
of the Ecuadorean sun
to leap
from the solid sandy safety
of the river bank
to face
all that fills your heart
with withering fear
to sing
and loose all that tethers
your soul to the stars


Simply strip off
your cares
all that weighs you down
slop off
the coverings
that separate
and play
in the dancing waters
the forbidden
happy dancing waters
of the fountain
that beckons you


Into the clear blue dawn
see them tumble
hear them grumble
listen to the grousing
as they talk and squalk and scream
never fail to see them
calling their rawkus song
as into the fridged wind
they glide
they face the morning
with little warming
from their perch upon
teh river ice
watch them dance
remmeber too
We are here
as they are here
to grab todays
every single chance

Open The Door

You pass it by
Every day
It stands
As any door
Shut between
What’s in and
What’s not
You don’t know
The treasure behind
Plain wooden door
Flat and uninteresting
Joy unspeakable
Wealth unbelievable
Dare you try
Jiggle the knob
It looks so old
Black and glass
Must be nothing I can use
Hiding behind

Take a chance
Reach out
Rattle the knob
The hinges might squeak
So many years
Of unused mysteries
Pull the door wide open
Just far enough
To slide right in
Inhale the treasure
You nearly missed

(NaPoWriMo day 2)


Take a chance
and take my hand
though we have never met
lean on me
And I will take the same
chance to lean on you

Globally we are one
united by
our past
our present
what we do no know

Know that though
we are miles and societies apart
we are one

Take a chance
reach out and see
our similarities
rather than our differences
the great equalizer

To me, I see
nothing more than
the words and feelings
that reach out and touch
the feelings in me

Take a chance
take my hand
reach out and touch my words
accept me accepting you
as it is
for all it’s worth
and we can close
the differences