In silence
your identity
chase the fear
with the beauty
that is your soul
brighter than
any star in the darkness
let your light
not only shine
but grow
in the tiniest most secret part
of you heart
that your dream
your passion
your desire
in the stating of your proclamation
becomes your reality
and what once is in your reality
can never cease to be


Author: April Wells
Published 9/11/16

Great… ¬†Expectations….

Expected to smile

Expected for a while

Expected on time

Expected not to whine

Expected to look and say and listen and be

Expected to meet the criteria.

I expect

To be let down

Again?  Yeah again

To be criticized for being me

To hear the whispers

To see the looks

To wish in one hand and shit in the other

To answer the call

Only to fall

For the same old bullshit yet again

And I do

I expected

For a while

For the veiled lame promises

To maybe come true

But only halfway

And I wasn’t surprised 

When nothing ever did

I expect

Cat hair on my black pants

To jump and run

At the slightest notice

To remember my coffee

Only a few hours later

I expect to fail

I expect to learn

I expect the unexpected 

And to be able to hide all traces

Of disappointment 



In plain sight

Where no one would ever

Dare to look

Right there

Do you see

There to the left

No the right

By the brook

By the tree

Hiding there


Always watching

Always seeing

Seeing but never seen.
Author April Wells

Published 9/6/16

In Visibility

Standing in the shadows
but unseen
never quite noticed
you are there
taken for granted
taken for worthless
taken for all you have
you are there
in the shadows
yet unseen
hear the music
watch the dance
do the needful
never take a stand
and yet
you are there
in the shadows
and unseen
giving all
shouldering everything
in silence
at the edges
of periphery
seen and unseen
and yet
as well


author April Wells
published 9/3/16


Little Mary Sunshine

Slide through the darkness

Mary Sunshine

The cloak of darkness

Always your cape

Shake off the dust

The leaves of reality

The dust of a thousand 

Dreamless schemes

In silence suffer



Draw on the crooked smile and step into the starlight

Doing the needful

In the ways of her people

Taken for granted

Taken for invinsible

Invisibly standing

For nothing

The voices

Oh the voices

In her head

In her heart

In her hands

The voices in the darkness

Hear how they scream 

The dreams of a fool

Draw on the smile

War paint hides the circles 

the pain

The right convincing mirthless grin

Take your stage

Mary Sunshine

In the brilliance of the starlight

Dance the dance 

Of the marionette 

All the world

Your stage


gone awry
Irony in the progress
we as women
fail to make
teaching the young
fostering the of age
still objectified
and vilified
and make objects
so much progress
left to be made
my happiness does not rely
on the size of my anatomy
my worth
value to society
does not rest
as a wine glass
on the table of my visage
you wonder at why
society’s values remain
through the ages
the reason is obviously
the values are only
what you value most













Dis Respect

Irrelevance is king
and privilege
the crown prince
and the silence that surrounds
speaks volumes
heap it on
as you’ve noticed
I’m good
at shouldering
whatever straws
get heaped there
slings and arrows
I see them
hear them
feel them
and in the tininess of my reality
refuse to duck
Throw the venom
dis is all the respect there is
and this is all
of the respect
I will ever expect
shield my gaze
hide the pain
I will not let you see
how deep the wounds
I get it
I understand
what more can I expect
used and abused
heap on dis respect
Assume it is my due
karma’s a bitch
and time always passes


author: April Wells
published 9/1/16