I am me.

Once upon a time, I was told that people like me don’t write.  If we do write, we certainly don’t get published.  And if we get published, we certainly don’t make any money at it.

For many years I played the pre-recorded message in my mind and listened to it carefully and shelved the dreams.

When I waited tables and had two wonderful women invite me to a writer’s circle.
When I was told by my freshman college English professor (thank you Mister Lutz) that I needed to give up whatever major I was persuing and become a writer.
When I was told that a writer would never be able to gainfully support a family (this was reinforcing the message, not my heart)

I listened.  And I shelved the dream.

Occasionally I would dust off the shelves.  I would take down my dream and hold it close to my heart.  I would smell the smells of my dream, taste the bitter sweetness, almost feel the colors as they swirled around my brain.  Then I put it back on the shelf and went on with my financially more practical life.

But it was always there.

Finally… decades later… I’m starting to listen.  And this is where I will make my first tentative steps into my dream world.

The world where people like me live their dreams and take the road less traveled through the woods that are slowly filling up with snow.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I started blogging two days ago after finding a box full of stuff I never knew I had. I too listened to trees instead of the wood and abandoned my dreams for the harsh reality of life.

    Keep posting, I do like your style.

    • Sometimes it is the weirdest things that get us started. I guess what matters is getting started. It’s going to be an awesome adventure!!!

  2. I’m in the same boat, dreaming of a writers life while trying to be financially stable, hoping for the day when the two of them will combine. But hey, other people have pulled it off, Why not you? Best of luck in your writing adventures! Keep posting. 🙂

  3. Yes! Do it! And the best of luck on the way.

    So many people can’t see past the reality to the dream on the other side. Just takes a bit of courage and dedication – and a tinge of madness.

    • 😉 My tinfoil hat is perched atop the light next to my monitor and my Figment hat is sitting on the desk just below it. Maybe more than just a tinge of madness!

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