Perpetuating Our Youth

the aligators in the spring run
in Pennsylvania
will eat you if you go too near

Watermelon seeds will sprout
if you accidentally
eat one
you will die

spinning on the swing
will make you dizzy sick
never be able
to ride in a car

Evil people
are always hiding in the barn
you can’t play out back, they will get you

Can’t go out and play without a coat
you will freeze
and catch your death of cold

I walked to school
in the winter
five miles
in the snow
up hill
both ways

Step on a crack
the Easter Bunny will never come
Aunt Bea wasn’t Santa Clause
and a spit bath will make the
sucking a pig dirt magically disappear

what is it that we do
to our offspring
that will warp their reality
stunt their creativity
and bring their fears to life

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