Santa in 2011

We were out and about yesterday and we ran into Santa in the courthouse square.  It was wonderful to see the kids just arriving to visit with him, get their pictures taken with him (and it was free, amazing).

Santa was totally getting into the season and into the kids and he was talking to a very little little one and her daddy.  Santa wanted to have a picture of the little girl to take back to the North Pole with him.  I’m thinking that it was so he can keep a record of the kiddos over the years in his naughty and nice list.  So he pulled out his cell phone and took her picture.

It was incredible culture shock for one of the onlookers.  He could not believe that Santa would need a cell phone, that Santa would own a cell phone.  It was kind of a touchy moment for the mom but all was good.  After all, it is probably the easiest way to keep track of the naughty and nice kids, it can transmit the pictures instantly to the North Pole without having to develop them.

It is interesting what time and technology can do to traditions.

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